A Kitsune's Tail is a spellbinding puzzle platformer game about a spirit fox on a quest to earn its nine tails. Drawing raw elemental power from the environment around it, the fox will travel the world from the mountains to the forest and encounter creatures fantastical and strange, growing ever more powerful and facing more challenges the more tails it secures.


Billy Li

Bob Zhang

Jasmine Li

Zaynab Alsalman

Music: Daniel Tian

Title Art: Verdande Pedersen


A Kitsune's Tail - Mac.app.zip 85 MB
A Kitsune's Tail - WindowsBuild.zip 77 MB

Install instructions

Game doesn't run on Mac? Try these steps:

1) Launch Terminal.

2) Type the following command: "chmod -R +x"

3) Drag the app file from your finder window into your terminal window. It should now read "chmod -R +x ‹path to app file>"

4) Press enter and hopefully the command works! RIGHT CLICK the app and select "open" to run the game.

If this doesn't work, use command "xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine path/to/game.app" in step 4 instead.


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Very cool game! Puzzles are unique

Thanks for playing!